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10 Most Affordable Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops, especially the fancier and latest models, can be quite costly. However, you do not have to experience financial constraints after purchasing a gaming laptop as there are cheaper alternatives in the market today. Below are ten affordable laptops that will allow you to enjoy your games comfortably.

1) Dell G3 15 Gaming

For those who spend continuous hours on gaming, look no further as this is the laptop for you. It lasts for approximately 6 hours and 37 minutes which is quite impressive. Its GTX 1050 Ti GPU facilitates the display of solid frame rates as its powerful speakers support the production of good sound.


 To get a solid gaming system, you do not always have to pay large sums of money. The MSI GL62M 7REX is an affordable and productive laptop that delivers good performance when gaming. This is as a result of Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GPU and an Intel Core i7 processor. This laptop comes with advanced gaming software that is highly convenient in reference to its cost.

3) ASUS VivoBook

The vivobook has an outstanding aluminum unibody design, great keyboard, and good connectivity capabilities. This particular device stands out as a result of its stylish design and thin chassis that is highly convenient for those that want a notebook that can also be used in a professional setting such as work.

4) Acer Nitro 5 Spin

This laptop comes with a comfortable keyboard, good solid multitasking power, and ideal battery life. Its easily convertible design makes it more versatile. In addition, Nvidia GTX 1050 GPU enables you to play most games at medium or low settings. This laptop is one of the most recommended for gamers that wish to purchase an affordable gaming system that has the capabilities of doing more than just playing games.

5) Dell Inspiron 15 7567

One of the outstanding features of this laptop is its amazing battery life. It is quite uncommon for a gaming notebook to last for about 11 hours. As if this is not enough, it has an excellent subwoofer that produces high-quality audios.

6) Lenovo Legion Y530

In addition to its attractive and eye-catchy appearance and design, the Lenovo Legion Y50 offers a solid graphics card and a wide range of ports. This is the best option for casual gamers.

7) Origin Eon15-S

This machine is a 15-inch laptop that has good overall performance and a fair weight of 5.2 pounds which makes it easily portable. Its battery life is also decent and is considered to be an excellent choice for gamers that are on a tight budget and wish to purchase something simple.

8) ASUS TUF Gaming FX504

This laptop is considered to be one of the best and most affordable gaming laptops available today. It is accompanied with Nvidia GTX 1050 GPU and a Gen Core i5 CPU which allows the user to play most games on medium or low settings.

9) Acer Predator Helios 300

This laptop comes in handy with a GTX 1060 GPU and an Intel Core i7. In addition, it contains multiple ports, including HDMI. This allows the user to plug in as many peripherals or accessories that it can support.

10) Dell G7 15

The Dell G7 15 has an identity of its own as it is cut from a different cloth than the Alienware or the Inspiron brands. Its Max-Q GTX 1060 gives it high-quality frame rates on AAA titles on high to medium settings. It is the most recommendable for gamers as a result of its overall performance that caters to all the users multitasking needs.

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  1. Cindy Burks says:

    Guys! im using Dell Inspiron 15 7567 for two years now, really good and better sound. battery life is superb.

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